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The computer made me cry

I knew it would happen; the threatening tears, the foul mouthed words. It is the annoyance and lack of patience I have with technology. In trying to copy and paste and arrange whatever the hell a widget is in order to post my two recent award nominations, I could feel it happening again, the familiar hair-pulling frustration. I accept the world of computers, and use mine for quite a few things, but anything too advanced makes me want to scream! And yes, at times the seemingly basic steps of copying and pasting are too advanced. I have always been slow to accept technology; my children who graduated from high school in 2003 and 2005 never had a home computer to use – we were a bit slow to jump into that world. And imagine that, they graduated, both in the top half of their classes! Cell phones were also a bitter issue, with neither child having one until they were out of high school and on their own. And once more, they managed to make it through high school with a social life intact. I haven’t owned a television for two years now, so I am out of the loop of all that, what with Tivo and DVR or whatever the letters are supposed to be. My cell phone is designed to only make calls and receive calls; I do not know how to text and I do not want to learn either. I went back to college last year for awhile, and I thanked God for all the tutors there when it came time to write my first paper, in which writing actually meant composing it on the computer. I recall the first time I went for help with a paper, I didn’t even know how to double space! I have come quite a ways in writing on the computer. But the funny, and somewhat ironic thing is, I have always had a secret desire to be a recording engineer – talk about dealing with technology! But in that case, my love affair with music seems to override any fears or doubts I have about my capabilities. In the land of music, I feel like I can do it all! I would like to share a poem I wrote, after observing some of my fellow classmates in my sociology class. We had met at a coffee shop to work on a project, with me being a good 30+ years older than all of them. And as we sat at the table working on our project, I had to laugh as each one could not let their cell phone out of their sight for more than a few minutes- and I went home and wrote this poem….

Security Blankets


You see them everywhere

The plastic rectangles

Different sizes

Different colors

Attached to a hand

Always close by

Never out of sight

I must have you near me!

What if I fail to hear you?

Or see your face light up?

With a message for me!

From the others

Security blankets for a new generation

Comfort and reassurance

Wrapped in the blanket of technology

The monkey called fame

I never used to think much about famous people and how we perceive them, even though like you and me they have to go through all the everyday particulars of life. Those kinds of things are never really talked about, although there may be the occasional photo at the grocery store, or a “beautiful” person that is caught jogging in sweats, no make up and a headband holding back unruly hair. But once I quit watching television, I started to realize how fame is an attribute we bestow upon those we deem worthy. This first came to light when I stood in line at the grocery store, staring at the row of magazines by the check out, and realized I didn’t recognize so many of the faces on the covers. These are obviously people who are well known by most of the population, but if I were to encounter them I wouldn’t give them a second glance. Perhaps that is why so many celebrities move to far off places to live, to get away from the constant recognition and ensuing fan ardor that seems to interrupt their lives during what should be private times. For some of those “blessed” with fame and fortune, I do believe they may feel like they have a monkey on their back.

The Odd Monkey




Oh! the notoriety

What an odd little monkey it is

That clings to those

Who make the climb

Up the pedestal

That we construct for them

But, alas

The pedestal crumbles

Under the weight of this person

Who we thought

Was as light as the gods

Oh! our illusion shatters


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