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Should I tell?

I went for a walk, as I always do in my lovely city of Portland, Oregon, and I thought about the poems I had posted earlier. Should I have given some kind of back story about them, what inspired them, what they mean to me? Then I thought about the times I go gallery hopping, viewing all the offerings of art here, and how I don’t like to look at the title of a piece before I look at it. To me, if I see what the artist has named their work, it may influence what I see in it. I prefer to find my own story in a work of art, regardless of what the artist was thinking or feeling or working towards at the time. So it is with my written works; read them and then decide what you think, what you feel. To me that is the beauty of art; it is not just an outlet for the creator but an outlet for the viewer as well.

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