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I live in the city now, where the plight of the homeless is so evident to me as I walk the city streets. At times they reach out in desperation, asking anyone who passes by for food or money or a bus transfer; pride pushed aside to give way to survival. But even a response of “sorry, I can’t help” is met with “thank you”. We can learn from all souls here on this earth; these poor souls in dire straits still have the manners that so many of us with so much fail to use in our overly busy lives. I have been awakened to how horrifically difficult the life of a homeless person is, and I have come to find much more appreciation for all that I have, the riches and blessings that we all deserve. I started a list one day of all that I have; things that the homeless often don’t have – food, and a place to cook and store food, a bathroom and water and a place to clean up or just brush your teeth, a comfortable bed with a warm blanket, furniture to sit in, a lamp to read books by, clothes and a place to wash them and then store them, and the list goes on and on. Don’t you see how wealthy most of us are? And it’s not just the material things, it also encompasses the security of having a home to go to, a place to stay warm and dry and protected. It’s not having to live in fear and doubt and wondering how in the world you will get out of the hole you fell into. But despite their circumstances, these are people just like you and me who have come into hard times that could certainly happen to any of us. They are not any less vibrant or intelligent or beneath us in any way. There is a small newspaper published here called Street Roots, and it is a testament to just how much we are all connected, all wanting the same basic things out of life. There are articles about life on the streets, with interviews of people telling their stories. There are also poems and art work that show the creative depth of these souls, who struggle with pain but are making their way out of the cavern of desperation towards the light of hope. And the best part of this whole project is that the vendors who sell the papers are given a chance to work, to earn money to get back on their feet, to feel pride in a job well done. This is all any of us really want out of life, isn’t it? To earn a living and have a decent place to live, with food and clothing and those things that help us live comfortable lives. In this way, we truly all are connected, and we can reach out to each other to help when some of us fall – with gifts of time, with gifts of money, with gifts of things but always with gifts of prayers for one another.

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