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Peering inside of ourselves

One of my favorite quotes comes from Socrates – “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  For many years I lived an unexamined life, caught up in the time consuming world of a career, family and everything else that prevented me from really stepping back into some quiet moments and trying to figure out, what is life really all about? When I did find those quiet moments, I discovered I had buried so many wonderful treasures of my inner self that were now dying to come out. I found I needed to do some housecleaning in my life, in the manner of ending my marriage, ending my career, and living life on my own terms that I had pushed aside for so long. Not everyone needs to go through such drastic life changes to examine their lives, but it is important that we not only focus on our loved ones, but also on ourselves, in an unselfish act of love.

Wonderers and Wanderers


These are my kind of people!

A bit off center, off the mark


Defined as “eccentric”

The wonderers

The wanderers

Peering through our telescopes and periscopes and kaleidoscopes and other aides that enhance our vision



Perplexing and flexing ideas

Pushing forward – land ho!

We know about the mole people

In their tunnels of well dug mediocrity

They come above, at times, to dwell in our world of idiosyncrasies

But they are much happier in their circuitous mazes and labyrinths of shaded and sheltered existence

The scary safety of society

But wonderers and wanderers require much more than the daily special to thrive

Not blindly accepting society’s tape loop of conventional ways

We find our way out of the mazes and labyrinths they construct to try and fool us

We are much wiser than those simplistic paths

We can navigate our way out of them blindfolded!

We are explorers!


Philosophers of ancient days tap me on the shoulder

Wanderlust fills up my dance card

Life is full of uncharted territory and never ending questions

With a horn of plenty that spills out a bounty of answers, all of them the right ones

Travels and treks and excursions to new places

Gallivanting and gathering

I boldly declare

That I shall spend my remaining days on this earth

In the very pleasant company

Of those like myself

Who seem to wonder in ambivalence

And wander in ambiguity

some poems

So now that I have this format of blogging to share and put things out there, here are a couple of poems of mine – enjoy!


Today I am a wave

Undulating in a belly dance

Sensual, swaying

Trancelike, chanting song of life that moves me in its mystical spell

To and fro

Back and forth

Ebb and flow

Yesterday I was a tree

Planted firmly in the ground

Roots grasping so tight to the firm earth of sameness

Consistent, persistent


A cycle of predictability

Rooted in sensibility

No surprises

Tomorrow I will be a butterfly

Bursting out with freshly birthed wings

I’m free, I’m free, I’m free!

My seemingly paper thin soul holds strong against any winds that blow


I venture out from beneath the mummifying cocoon of physicality

And glide smooth as a ribbon on the silken tresses of change

Stepping Out


Strolling down the concrete promenade

The chalk white sidewalks now shadow painted

I scour the city sky of charcoal black

Searching for the moon

Hoping to find it

So that I may invite it to follow me


The light of the full moon

Illumines the darkness

It glows like a quiet candle in the sky

Not shouting in its radiance

Not boastful and arrogant like the sun

I approach the cityscape

Buildings of brick and stone

Contain offerings of pleasure to the masses

Food, drink, music, dance

Aromas swirl and mix with each other

Sounds filter to the street as doors are opened and closed

Pounding beats reach out and pulsate

Life dances!

You can hide in the folds of nighttime’s cloak

Huddled and safe in your bed

Or dress in garish clothes and celebrate at her party

Stepping out with others who dare to embrace the absence of sunlight

Staying at the fete until moonlight whispers away

And daylight resumes its conversation with the crowds of busy people

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