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Poems from my inner child

My first few poems were born from a tidal wave of emotions coming out, after going through some major life changes. But as I began to heal and started to feel more alive, I wanted to play with the words, not just use them as an outlet for my troubles. So one day I was thinking about my car, my amazingly reliable, always there for me Honda Civic (which I had named Little Car), and out came the words to a poem about my friend made of black metal. And I found it coming out in rhyme, with a rhythm like the jump rope rhymes I remembered from my childhood. My inner child had revealed herself! On another occasion, I was thinking of favorite foods, things I really crave at times, and realized they all begin with the letter C. Voila! Another tiny, simple and childlike poem, just for the sheer fun of it. Who says that all our writing has to be deep and profound? A bit of silliness is needed every now and then to remind us how to play, even in our writing.


Little Car


Little car, little car

You and I, we go so far

Traveling near or traveling far

Having fun no matter where we are

The road ahead looms large and long

But you and I, we sing our song

Of taking a chance on roads unknown

Then coming back to our sweet home

Without you I fear

I would have to stay near

And not venture to places

Where I can meet many new faces

So I thank you always

For taking me all those days

To new places I’ve longed to see

Traveling onward – just you and me!

The Letter C

Things I love

That begin with C




Cheese and


There it is

Nothing fancy

Just some things

That I


Beginning with



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