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Home and community – It’s all a matter of perspective

Home is where the heart is -Yes, it is a common, kitschy phrase often seen on pieces of arts and crafts that we display in our homes, where our hearts are. But moving past the overused phrase that it is, and really thinking about it, the place we call “home” and the place that brings a sense of community are just that – places on this earth that we resonate with and come to see with the eyes of our heart and soul.

I have often heard the lament of those who live in a small town that city dwellers live in a cold atmosphere of indifference; we pass each other on the street, strangers with our heads down,  lacking acknowledgment of one another. But I beg to differ. This morning I bypassed my usual routine of tea at home in my pajamas, and headed out in the cool morning air to one of my favorite coffeehouse haunts, the Fehrenbacher Hof, located in a delightful neighborhood of Portland called Goose Hollow. Just the fact that Portland is comprised of delightful neighborhoods like Goose Hollow within the confines of a big city tells me that a sense of community can be established anywhere, not just in a small town or less populated city.

As I sat on the porch outside “The Hof”, as it is affectionately called, I felt such a sense of belonging, even with the cacophony of the city sounds; cars, trains and a helicopter flying incredibly low overhead. And that small event, the helicopter buzzing the treetops, spurred on a conversation with a stranger and others around us, as we wondered what that was all about. Sitting there as I sipped my coffee, I began to feel like a greeter at Wal-Mart, saying “good morning” to just about every person who came in and out. We do make friendly connections in this urban setting!

Even my apartment building fosters a sense of community; a lovely circle of interactions and connections with the other tenants, pride taken in our building and even the apartment management. One of the tenants took it upon herself to thoroughly clean up the laundry room one day, lending a helping hand to our overworked manager/building maintenance man, taking pride in this place we call home. Another tenant has been so kind as to leave a bucket full of cut flowers in the foyer; leftovers from her job at a flower shop, as she shares with her fellow neighbors. And one morning we were treated to boxes of doughnuts in the foyer; a gift from the management company, to show appreciation for having such lovely tenants.

For many years the place I called home was a place I found myself in because of family ties, friends and familiarity. But life can be changeable and malleable, and we may find that home is a place that has been buried but now is ready to be uncovered. For me I unearthed my love of the city, and that city for me is Portland. Now I fully understand what the word home means, and it is here that I truly feel as if I am part of a community.

Home sweet home

Some call them pigeons, I call them doves

I feel a kinship with these birds, the ones so many proclaim as “dirty”, my avian friends that seem to love the city life as much as I do. Most people call them pigeons, but I prefer to call them by the more lovely nom de plume of doves. The word dove conjures up images of peace and serenity, and this is what they bring to me as I hear them cooing outside my window and up on the roof. They are much shyer than the crows, with their loud and raucous caws, bold enough to walk across my skylight and look in on me. The lovely doves are hesitant about presenting themselves; gingerly stepping onto the skylight almost as if it were a dare. In the early morning I hear them fly about with harried activity, as their wings whistle while they fly from building to building. Sometimes they land on my windowsill for a brief rest, but they are much too introverted to respond to my attempts at conversation. So I listen carefully to their silent message of peace, and rejoice every morning as I wake to their gentle songs.

Shadows of the doves

Their beating wings spreading peace

Cooing songs of love

some poems

So now that I have this format of blogging to share and put things out there, here are a couple of poems of mine – enjoy!


Today I am a wave

Undulating in a belly dance

Sensual, swaying

Trancelike, chanting song of life that moves me in its mystical spell

To and fro

Back and forth

Ebb and flow

Yesterday I was a tree

Planted firmly in the ground

Roots grasping so tight to the firm earth of sameness

Consistent, persistent


A cycle of predictability

Rooted in sensibility

No surprises

Tomorrow I will be a butterfly

Bursting out with freshly birthed wings

I’m free, I’m free, I’m free!

My seemingly paper thin soul holds strong against any winds that blow


I venture out from beneath the mummifying cocoon of physicality

And glide smooth as a ribbon on the silken tresses of change

Stepping Out


Strolling down the concrete promenade

The chalk white sidewalks now shadow painted

I scour the city sky of charcoal black

Searching for the moon

Hoping to find it

So that I may invite it to follow me


The light of the full moon

Illumines the darkness

It glows like a quiet candle in the sky

Not shouting in its radiance

Not boastful and arrogant like the sun

I approach the cityscape

Buildings of brick and stone

Contain offerings of pleasure to the masses

Food, drink, music, dance

Aromas swirl and mix with each other

Sounds filter to the street as doors are opened and closed

Pounding beats reach out and pulsate

Life dances!

You can hide in the folds of nighttime’s cloak

Huddled and safe in your bed

Or dress in garish clothes and celebrate at her party

Stepping out with others who dare to embrace the absence of sunlight

Staying at the fete until moonlight whispers away

And daylight resumes its conversation with the crowds of busy people

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