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A simple childhood pleasure

I was trying to find the peanut butter; it seems to be in a hidden place in the grocery store I shop at, and it is like a scavenger hunt every time I try to locate it. But as I turned down the aisle with the big sign marked “peanut butter”, there on the end of the aisle I found a long forgotten treasure from my childhood. It was a display full of animal crackers! And not just any animal crackers but the only ones that really count. You know, the Nabisco ones, called Barnum’s Animals, with pictures of circus animals on the box. And they don’t come in just some mundane box like other animal crackers – they are in the familiar small rectangular box, with the white shoelace-like handle so kids can easily carry them anywhere they want. Now I was a bit disappointed, as the box I remembered so fondly had  polar bears on the front – “limited edition” is what the box said. Fine, as long as the crackers inside haven’t changed. And I was not disappointed, they were as delicious as I remembered. When I was little, and I first opened the box, it was like a game to see which animal I would pull from the box – would it be a lion or tiger or bear? Oh my! Today with my cup of tea, on a rainy day, I have eaten a monkey, a tiger, and a lion – yummy! As I was enjoying my treat, I had that Shirley Temple song stuck in my head, “Animal Crackers in My Soup” – and I thought, how silly! Animal crackers aren’t for putting in soup, they are meant to be eaten all by themselves!

Color crayons and poems

One of my childhood joys was having the big box of 64 bright and colorful Crayola crayons. My artistic skills have always been lacking; I am a drawer of stick people only. But I found I loved to color! And as an adult, I still love to color! Not too long ago I took a trip down memory lane and bought myself a brand new box of those 64 freshly sharpened sticks of wax that used to delight me. Then I found a coloring book for “older” kids, assuming they meant me, with letters of the alphabet depicted in groups of flowers. I have spent joy filled moments, creating my works of art. And the joy of coloring is the freedom in choosing whatever colors you wish – bluebells do not have to be blue, nor do orchids have to be colored with the crayon labeled “orchid”. Last year I volunteered for a time with a 7th grade English class, helping them with reading skills as well as writing poetry. One of the poetry assignments was to pick a color and write a poem about it, using the five senses as lines of the poem in describing the chosen color. I took it upon myself to do the assignment also when I got home, writing about my favorite color, and here is the result…  What color would you write about?


My color is blue

Blue looks like the shifting color of the sky

as night turns to day

Blue sounds like the slow, lingering notes

of a gentle trumpet

Blue smells like freshly washed clothes all in a line

hanging to dry in the breeze

Blue tastes like the cold, wet crunch

of a popsicle as it melts in my mouth

Blue feels like the rolling waves of the sea

that come to shift the sand

Blue is my color



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