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I did it my way

I have been honored to be nominated for not just one but two blogging awards just recently, even though I have only been blogging for a very short time. I want to thank LSCOTT POETRY and The Short and the Long of it for their nominations; please visit their blogs as they are very talented writers that I admire and am inspired by. Now, having said that, I am struggling mightily with the protocol for accepting these awards. First of all, the computer logistics are much too much for me – all that copying and pasting and notifying others and the whole widgit thing reduced me to tears, as I wrote about in a previous blog. I tried, lord knows I tried! But I want my writing to be fun and not frustrating. The other thing that I disliked was the making of lists for both awards. Things that no one knows about me? I feel that what I want to share comes out in my blog posts. And I don’t want to try and categorize my posts into a list of most this or most that – my words are my babies, and it would be like someone asking me, who’s your favorite child? The one aspect of the awards I like is the “nomination” of other bloggers – so I will be happy to list the sites that I am currently enjoying. I may sound like a crabby old person, unable to follow the rules, but I want to leave you with a line from Rumi, one of my favorite poets : It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you  – and so, I will do it my way 🙂

Bloggers who I enjoy, in no particular order:

1.  Fluffy Tufts

2.  The Amber of the Moment

3.  Limebird Writers

4.  thecedarcanoe

5.  Enlighten My Senses ™

6.  Fabulous 50’s

7.  Rhymes and Frames

8.  The Short and the Long of it


10.  suehealy

11.  The Bard of Liminga

12.  Source of Inspiration

P.S. – The awards I was nominated for are the Kreativ Blogger and the 7 x 7 Link Award – I tried to post the graphics of these awards, but my limited computer skills would not allow it 🙂

Why do I blog?

Before the first writing workshop I attended, we were asked to submit a short essay about why we write. I had really never written anything of substance at that point, but knew I loved writing and wanted to learn more. And I surprised myself at the reasons I came up with; mostly reasons about expression of self and sharing that with others. So now that I have entered the world of blogging, I have to ask myself that same question, why do I blog? I ask myself this because I could hear my ego, whispering in my ear, that I need to do more to attract the masses. It pushed and pushed, saying that I should strive for as many comments as possible, and I began to experience “comment envy”. Look at the number of comments that so and so got for their post, why isn’t that happening to me? I could feel it turning into a competition, and that is not the reason I decided to start a blog. I finally decided to start a blog so I can have an avenue to go down besides the traditional world of trying to publish my work in the written form. I have had works published, in some smaller publications, which is great! But I have a plethora of poems and stories that will turn to dust after I leave this earth, and in this wonderful format of a blog I can assure them eternal life! Oh, they may never be read by anyone but myself, but they will not end up forever forgotten, cleaned out and thrown out by well meaning family members after my demise. There is a big difference between sharing my work in a genuine manner and selling myself in order to be the best or most popular. I may not have the most colorful site, with lots of images and pictures, but for me it is all about the words. I may find a photo or two to share at some point, but only when I deem it appropriate, not in a vain attempt to become Freshly Pressed or the collector of numerous comments. I am so happy when others do find my words enjoyable and share a “like” or a comment, but my best reward comes from being able to share my words, and share in the words and works of other creative souls.

Sharing the words

I’ve gone to other blogger’s sites, and found some amazing works in the written form, in artwork, in photographs. And in reading the profiles of these creative souls, I find a common thread in the joy of sharing with others. It is creativity spilling out, the inherent nature to express ourselves in some way. When I first starting writing, after many years of focusing on work and family, I thought that I could just keep it to myself. I loved writing for the expression of my thoughts and visions. But then I attended my first writing workshop, and the facilitator there gently told me that I would eventually want to share my work – and she was right. I found a wonderful quote from Julia Cameron, who has written many marvelous books about the craft of writing; she states, “a piece of art needs a recipient.” Very wise words indeed. And now as I enter the world of the “blogosphere”, it is like a chain reaction as bloggers read each others’ works and comment on them. It is inspiring, and once more I find the words coming out to play….

The Days

The grey days are here

The tea and coffee days are here

The good book friends have come

Pen and paper dance together

Light filters in

Through cotton soaked clouds

Rain jumps on the skylight

Then slides down like a child

Homes become cozy shelters

The inside days are here





I can’t believe I’m here!

Phew!! I have successfully created a blog, just another something to add to the list of things I never thought I would do. And just wait until my kids get wind of this – they are usually my IT help in all things computer related but look at me, I did it all by myself! So enough back patting, and onto what this lovely little site is all about. I have rediscovered the joy of writing and in the past couple of years all that I kept inside for what seems like a millennium has been pouring out of me, in poems and short stories and essays. I found a wonderful support for my adventure in writing through workshops at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It was Theresa, the facilitator there, who encouraged me to submit my work even when I had no intention of ever trying to be published. But I followed her advice, and lo and behold, I found a poem of mine in being published in Edge Magazine, with other poems and essays published here and there in other publications. What a kick to see my words in print!  And I love sharing my words with others, just as I enjoy reading the words of others – so much inspiration and joy to be shared! I also love music, I mean really love music, so much that I haven’t had a television for the past two years. My favorite artist is Elliott Smith, and one day I realized how poetic his lyrics are. This inspired me to write a short essay about his songs and how the words touched so many, and I gathered song lyrics along with photographs to put together as a book. But between the pick and choose world of publishing, and the legalities of publishing song lyrics, I had to table that idea. So enter now a way to at least get my words, poems and stories out there for others to read, not just letting them sit on paper, turning to dust eventually. I admit my first thought of a blog was no, not me. But I can see now how it is a modern tool for sharing and keeping our dreams alive, fostering the creativity we all have. And besides, I love writing!! So to all who happen upon this site, lovers of the moon or not, welcome….

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