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I did it my way

I have been honored to be nominated for not just one but two blogging awards just recently, even though I have only been blogging for a very short time. I want to thank LSCOTT POETRY and The Short and the Long of it for their nominations; please visit their blogs as they are very talented writers that I admire and am inspired by. Now, having said that, I am struggling mightily with the protocol for accepting these awards. First of all, the computer logistics are much too much for me – all that copying and pasting and notifying others and the whole widgit thing reduced me to tears, as I wrote about in a previous blog. I tried, lord knows I tried! But I want my writing to be fun and not frustrating. The other thing that I disliked was the making of lists for both awards. Things that no one knows about me? I feel that what I want to share comes out in my blog posts. And I don’t want to try and categorize my posts into a list of most this or most that – my words are my babies, and it would be like someone asking me, who’s your favorite child? The one aspect of the awards I like is the “nomination” of other bloggers – so I will be happy to list the sites that I am currently enjoying. I may sound like a crabby old person, unable to follow the rules, but I want to leave you with a line from Rumi, one of my favorite poets : It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you  – and so, I will do it my way 🙂

Bloggers who I enjoy, in no particular order:

1.  Fluffy Tufts

2.  The Amber of the Moment

3.  Limebird Writers

4.  thecedarcanoe

5.  Enlighten My Senses ™

6.  Fabulous 50’s

7.  Rhymes and Frames

8.  The Short and the Long of it


10.  suehealy

11.  The Bard of Liminga

12.  Source of Inspiration

P.S. – The awards I was nominated for are the Kreativ Blogger and the 7 x 7 Link Award – I tried to post the graphics of these awards, but my limited computer skills would not allow it 🙂

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