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It was the tub that sold me

I tried not to be too picky in finding an apartment; after all, I had only given myself a week in Portland to find a place to live, otherwise I would table moving there for a future time. But the one thing I absolutely had to have was a tub. For me, bath time is a sacred experience, not just about  washing up. So when I was shown the claw foot bathtub, in the quaint and cozy studio apartment with the skylight, in the charming 100 year old building, I fell in love! This was a bathtub that was actually designed with the full splendor of the bath in mind. Nice and deep, with a gently sloping end that would oh so nicely accommodate my bath pillow. There is nothing worse than trying to recline and relax in a tub that sits upright all around. And I could fill it with enough water to really sink into – luscious! Even though I sometimes have to wait a good 20 or 30 minutes for hot water to come round, it is well worth the wait. I have found lavender to be my favorite of all bath additions, be it an essential oil or bath salts. And on occasion, I have taken rose petals and sprinkled on the water, just to accentuate the bliss of the bath. Lastly, no proper bath is complete without candlelight, and some mellow melodies playing on the stereo. I have gone so far as to have a Pandora station entitled Bath Music, consisting of gentle and soothing music to bathe by. I actually found a book about baths, appropriately entitled The Book of the Bath by Catherine Kanner – I can’t wait to try out some of  her amazing bath recipes.  Now that the winter days are upon us, I find that the gift of a perfect bath is perhaps all I really need for Christmas this year.

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