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A Mother’s Day poem

My grown up and out of the nest children were the inspiration for this poem; one of the first poems I wrote when I started writing in earnest, when the words started coming out. Letting go of our dear ones is sometimes the hardest thing a mother has to do, but it is what we are working towards during all those years we raise them – and we hope they are able to fly without falling.

A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love

Is a special kind of love

It is unconditional

You never have to think about it

It just is

And that love allows you

To let go of them

When they are ready

To watch them fly

Of their own accord

But always standing in the wings

If they need a loving reminder

Of how strong they are

 All on their own


Comments on: "A Mother’s Day poem" (5)

  1. Your writing is a breath of fresh air! In fact, it moved me to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I will be posting an article shortly that will give the details and will highlight your nomination. Thank you for stepping out.

  2. Does not change the fact that perhaps more people will come visit your site. I thought the energy here was worth sharing, so I did.

  3. This is truly a beautiful tribute and your photo is wonderful! And I have to say for some reason, I’m not receiving your new posts. WP has some glitches that I haven’t figured out, yet…:)

    • Thanks Lauren – I wrote this poem quite a few years back and now with my blog I found a place to share it. And I love pictures with my grown up babies! Not sure why WP is acting up, such is the way of technology…

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