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Gifts on a rainy day

Today was going to be an “inside day”, as I watched the rain pouring down on my skylight, and heard the wind whipping all around. But then my soul had other plans, bringing to me the delicious thought of walking in the rain with my charming red umbrella, my sights focused on having a nice cup of coffee somewhere. And I found a delightful coffeehouse I had not been to before, where I became inspired to write a new poem. I had failed to bring any paper or pen with me, but the nice young man at the counter found me a pen as well as some paper, so I didn’t have to use a napkin as I had originally planned. After I left the coffeehouse, I was led to a bookstore nearby, where I was led to a wonderful book about angels that just happened to be on sale. And as I walked home, the bottoms of my jeans soaked and dragging on the sidewalk, I was given a final gift. I spied the row of bright red tulips, shyly poking their heads out in the cold rain, as if to tell me, “Don’t worry, spring will be here soon!”

Joy’s Disguises


I found joy

In the gray blanket of sky

In the cold, wet raindrops that tickled me

In the wind that blew my umbrella inside out


I found joy

At the little round table of wood

That held my plain white coffee cup

That contained the warm, brown elixir

That chased away the chill in my bones

As I gazed out the rain splattered window


I found joy

As I listened to Patsy Cline singing “I Fall to Pieces”

As we all sat at our separate tables, sipping our coffee

As I watched the rain walkers strolling outside


I found joy

In the disguises

Of blindly perceived separation from one another

Of the dreary delusions of a cold, rainy day

Of all I had previously thought of

As joyless






Comments on: "Gifts on a rainy day" (12)

  1. Nice upbeat poem! Spring is, hopefully, always within our reach.

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster said:

    I love this, but must confess to missing my rainy hometown in Oregon a little bit more than usual after reading it!

  3. I like the idea of joy taking on disguises. So we must escape our usual perceptions to see it inside its hiding place.

    • Thank you – I wrote this when I started thinking about how we so often think of a rainy day as depressing, yet my perception was one of joy instead of sadness, yes quite like a hiding place.

  4. dianne - "life as i see it" - "just because" said:

    beautiful story and poem.. ; )

  5. I really like this – having always found joy in rain and its imagery. 🙂

    • Its’ funny because when I told people I wanted to move to Portland, they would try to dissuade me with thoughts of constant rain. But it doesn’t get in the way of my love of Portland at all, and I’m glad you also find joy in the rain.

  6. I love the rain (just not the lack of sunlight sometimes). Beautiful poem! Blessings

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