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Getting lost

Time once more for the weekly 100 word challenge, brought to you by a marvelous blog, Julia’s Place. This week’s prompt was “it wasn’t my fault” – another fun group of words to play with. And here is what I came up with…

A typical scenario

          “It wasn’t my fault we missed the turn!” I shouted as we drove down the seemingly endless country road. “How can you not read a simple road map?” was the reply from the driver’s side of the car. “You call this simple?” I countered, “I need a magnifying glass to figure out which thin line of a road we are actually on.” I stared at my husband’s stubborn face, waiting for a response. “You could have stopped miles back and asked for directions.” Still no response. And I made a mental note – Valentine’s gift this year, a GPS unit.

Comments on: "Getting lost" (16)

  1. Awesome! Makes me not want to be married again if I have to deal with stuff like that. Although, Clay does have a GPS..so I’m good.

  2. DancingInTheRain said:

    It’s the stubbornness that gets me every time. And not necessarily regarding asking directions. Well written!

  3. Ha, such a classic scene, I can just picture it. What is it about men and asking for directions? Then they blame us if we can’t read the map. Typical, lol.

    • Yes, that was written from personal experience – hate to make it a cliche, but it is such a guy thing, the whole not asking for directions, isn’t it? Thanks for your comments –

  4. I’ve been here before.
    Now I know why I got a GPS for my last birthday.

  5. This is a great entry, Moon. I have been on the other end of that conversation several times, but those were days before GPS was available to the public. It does touch on a subject that has become cliche because of the basic truth involved in it, but I think you wrote it well, capturing the essence in a surprisingly ‘awake’ way.

  6. ha ha – love the gps bit at the end. Well written! 🙂

  7. Oh boy – you’ve obviously been a fly on the windscreen of our car at some stage!
    My husband did eventually buy a satnav one year when we were going on holiday – so we wouldn’t have any rows! Nice work!

  8. lol so true- what is it about (most) men that they wont ask for directions. Me, I’ll ask anyone!! Love it. (and I wouldnt be without my sat nav!)

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