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Up to the challenge

I found a fun thing for us writers – a 100 word challenge presented by Julia’s Place blog site. The idea is to write a story using only 100 words from a weekly prompt. This week the prompt was “you bought her what” – intriguing – could I do it? Well, I did it! So thank you Julia for a new exercise in writing.

A Perfect Pair

Mom grabbed the next present from the pile on the floor next to her; the gift was from my sister.  She unwrapped it and opened the box, her eyes sparkling like the lights on the Christmas tree. “Oh my Jenny, it’s beautiful!”Yet I gasped in horror as I whispered under my breath to my sister, “You bought her what I bought her!” But as Mom opened my identical gift, she said with such heartfelt grace, “Oh Julie, it’s perfect! Now I have another sweater to wear when the other one is in the wash.”

Comments on: "Up to the challenge" (16)

  1. A great story.
    The natural tact of a loving mum.

  2. What a neat way to put a twist on that..I was thinking more like..you bought her what???Like, how could you buy her that ugly looking thing..wow, I guess I have to take more of the positive approach like you. 🙂

    • Thanks Chris, glad you liked my take on it! I admit I had initially thought of the “you bought her what?” approach, but then the Christmas story appeared in my head and I went with that.

  3. What a lovely Mummy.

  4. Well written; I had thought of a dad and son giving the wife/mum the same thing but couldn’t get it anywhere near the word count. Nicely done.

  5. Nice to see you in the 100WC! Welcome! Love your story – isn’t that just so typical of mothers! So often they know just how to smooth over the moment and say (and mean!) the perfect thing. Lovely piece!

  6. Really nicely done! It’s a classic take on the prompt.

  7. Aw that’s what we mums do see – make everything all right! Great take on the prompt!! It is super to see you on our silly weekly canter through words and I hope to see you become a regular!

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