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My creative nature

We all have creativity in us, expressed in so many different ways, too numerous to list here. My creative nature is best expressed in the written word, but I dared to venture into the land of visual art yesterday. I had found a workshop on encaustic art, which in short is painting with wax. It produces beautiful and unique works, and there is an encaustic artist nearby who opens her studio and offers all day workshops for all who want to learn this way of artistic expression, which has been around since the days of ancient Egypt. And who doesn’t love playing with wax? I remember as a child playing with candle wax as it dripped off the Christmas candles. So I opened up the right side of my brain and let what pictures I saw in my mind play out on four small works of encaustic art that I created – what fun! I look at my creations hanging on my wall, next to works from “real” artists, and admire what I was able to create (with much help and patience I might add, on the part of the woman who ran the workshop). So I offer pictures of my pictures, and also a poem that was inspired by a favorite breakfast food. So, what is it that you create? And maybe, just for fun, jump off into something you think you could never do – and you just might find that you can do it-


Art During Breakfast


The canvas drops

Into the warming chamber

Heated to perfection

It pops back up

I open the jar

That contains the paint

Thick, smooth and brown

I dip my brush into the jar

And spread the luscious paint

Onto the canvas

The surface coarse and warm

Paint begins to melt

Soaking sponge-like into the canvas

A second layer is applied

I swirl wavy patterns with my brush

I sit at the table

And admire my work of art

Now displayed

On the plate of china

I smell the paint

My stomach growls

I take a bite of my masterpiece

And soon

The picture is no more

Comments on: "My creative nature" (2)

  1. loved your stuff! Very impressive and poetic pictures, and very nice poems!

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