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I can’t believe I’m here!

Phew!! I have successfully created a blog, just another something to add to the list of things I never thought I would do. And just wait until my kids get wind of this – they are usually my IT help in all things computer related but look at me, I did it all by myself! So enough back patting, and onto what this lovely little site is all about. I have rediscovered the joy of writing and in the past couple of years all that I kept inside for what seems like a millennium has been pouring out of me, in poems and short stories and essays. I found a wonderful support for my adventure in writing through workshops at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It was Theresa, the facilitator there, who encouraged me to submit my work even when I had no intention of ever trying to be published. But I followed her advice, and lo and behold, I found a poem of mine in being published in Edge Magazine, with other poems and essays published here and there in other publications. What a kick to see my words in print!  And I love sharing my words with others, just as I enjoy reading the words of others – so much inspiration and joy to be shared! I also love music, I mean really love music, so much that I haven’t had a television for the past two years. My favorite artist is Elliott Smith, and one day I realized how poetic his lyrics are. This inspired me to write a short essay about his songs and how the words touched so many, and I gathered song lyrics along with photographs to put together as a book. But between the pick and choose world of publishing, and the legalities of publishing song lyrics, I had to table that idea. So enter now a way to at least get my words, poems and stories out there for others to read, not just letting them sit on paper, turning to dust eventually. I admit my first thought of a blog was no, not me. But I can see now how it is a modern tool for sharing and keeping our dreams alive, fostering the creativity we all have. And besides, I love writing!! So to all who happen upon this site, lovers of the moon or not, welcome….


Comments on: "I can’t believe I’m here!" (3)

  1. I just got a big smile on my face when I saw you started in November….my first post was November 15. It’s all so much fun!!

  2. oops, Nov 14. I’m kinda a details person, lol

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